Bin Rental Prices

As one of our valued customers, we think it’s important that you know exactly what you can expect from us, and the high level of customer satisfaction we strive for in everything that we do. That’s why we are committed to offering you competitive rates, which is why if you find a published internet bin rental rate from another disposable company that is lower than the lowest available comparable rate on Paradiso, we will beat that rate guaranteed!

Check out our unbeatable prices!!!

8 Yard*Not Accepted$150 Drop/Pickup & $90 per Ton.
10 Yard*Not Accepted$150 Drop/Pickup & $90 per Ton.
12 Yard*Not Accepted$150 Drop/Pickup & $90 per Ton.
14 Yard*$180 Drop/Pickup & $90 per Ton.$180 Drop/Pickup & $90 per Ton.
20 Yard*Not Accepted$180 Drop/Pickup & $90 per Ton.
40 Yard*Not Accepted$180 Drop/Pickup & $90 per Ton.

*A 10% fuel charge applies to each order.

**DIRT = Concrete, Asphalt, Dirt, Sod, Ceramic Tiles, Cinder Blocks and Bricks and other construction heavy materials.
GARBAGE = Any household waste, furniture, renovation and construction materials.

Hazardous Waste

Certain types of household wastes are hazardous and are not allowed in our trucks and in our roll on roll off bins, for example: asbestos, paints and thinners, gas canisters. Other types of waste are more expensive to dispose of therefore we have to pass this cost on to you, such as tires, computers and monitors, other electrical appliances, batteries, fluorescent light tubes. So It’s always best to check with us first to see if it’s allowed in our truck or bin, or if it carries a surcharge.
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