Q: Where can I put my bin?
A: Your bin can be dropped off on your drive, garden, building site or on any piece of private land providing you have the owner’s permission

Q: What if I want a disposable bin on the road?
A: It is a legal requirement to obtain permission from the Toronto council before placing any bin on the public highway, verge or pavement, as some municipalities this is not required.
If live in Toronto and require to put your bin on your street you can download the form here and submit it at your closest district office.

Q: How long can I keep my bin?
A: Our standard hire period is 7 days or until the bin is full, whichever is the shorter. However we are always willing to negotiate for longer periods. Please contact our sales team.

Q: Is there anything I cannot put in my bin?
A: Yes – Certain types of household wastes are hazardous and are not allowed in our trucks and in our roll on roll off bins, for example: asbestos, paints and thinners, gas canisters. Other types of waste are more expensive to dispose of therefore we have to pass this cost on to you, such as tires, computers and monitors, other electrical appliances, batteries, fluorescent light tubes. But don’t worry if you have any of these types of waste just give us a call and will advise you if we can collect the waste separately.

Q: How full can I load my bin?
A: We ask that for safety reasons you load your bin level with the top. Don’t forget we have to transport the bin on the e highway and even though our drivers net all bins we don’t want any waste sliding off the bin.

Q: What will happen to my waste?
A: All Paradiso Disposal bins are taken back to our licenced waste recycling facility where the various waste streams are sorted for reprocessing and remanufacturing. Our aim is to minimize the amount of waste sent to landfill and maximize the amount of product we reclaim from our bin waste to reuse.